Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Gilligan

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a great hat! I am also a mother hen, and refuse to let my children go outdoors without protecting their noggin' in the Summer. Yes, even if it's just to run out to do groceries, or in the evening to play in our shade-covered yard. When the kids go outside without me, mommy's never far behind, running in her PJs, toothpaste on her face yelling "YOUR HAT!!!!!!!!!!". This is usually followed by my almost-3-year-old daughter screaming at the top of her lungs and the neighbours looking at her poor father as though he's a kidnapping monster. So what in the world, you might ask yourself (and with infinitely good reason!) would prompt me to make a child's Summer hat? Perhaps I like my sanity less than everyone, including myself, originally thought. I call this one "The Gilligan". It's basically a wide-rimmed bucked hat, inspired by a Gap Baby hat I bought on eBay a couple years ago.

The Gap hat. As an aside, am I the only one who thinks that Fred Armisen looks a lot like the late Bob Denver form Gilligan's Island??? Ok... I can hear crickets over the internet...

I made the rough pattern for this hat in my car, on my way to visit family back home (it was a LONG drive!). I've only gotten to testing it a week ago, after buying some cute fabric at Jo-Ann's. It turned out to be so cute, I am going to make one for Mr Baby Bear as well. I am still fine-tuning the pattern, then I think I'll put it up for sale on Etsy, as my first pattern! I welcome any comments you guys have to offer. Thanks a bunch, hope you like the hat!


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